Learning to fly a glider is an exciting and satisfying experience. As part of the Gliding Federation of Australia, Beverley Soaring Society provides a very comprehensive, structured and safe program of flying training.

There are two great ways you can learn to fly at Beverley. You can:

Ab-Initio Courses

Our Ab-Initio courses are designed to give the beginner five days of concentrated instruction running over two consecutive weekends, including one Friday.

Which ever way you choose to learn, our flying program covers pre-solo training, post-solo development and cross-country coaching.

The pre-solo training program includes:

Try Gliding Packages

2-3 Day Weekend Package - 5 Flights

Cost: $500 (inc GST)

1 Month Package - 10 Flights

Cost: $900 (inc GST)

Contact us for more information.