Expeditions Away

Each year the Club organizes a number of flying events away from the Beverley airfield.  These are well attended by Beverley pilots with members from other clubs often joining in the fun.

Wave Camp

The Stirling Range is the highest mountain range near Perth with the peak of Bluff Knoll being 3600′ (1099m) above sea level. The range offers the opportunity to fly in both the ridge lift and wave flying in the right conditions.  While ridge lift allows gliders to achieve heights of around twice the height of the hill (above the local surround ground level), wave conditions can carry gliders up to over 20,000′ (6000m)!

At the airfield before Bluff Knoll

In July or August, the club members typically take down a tug plane, a club two-seat aircraft, and a few of the single-seat club gliders.  A good bunch of members with privately-owned gliders also trailer these down for the week-long camp. With the NNW winds at this time of the year, it’s usually great flying but it’s always a great social event!

DGZ at Stirling Range
Alf over Stirling Ranges

Hyden (Wave Rock) Expedition

In December 2023, Beverley members look at 13 private gliders and the club’s DG1000 twin to Hyden for a two-week period. This was our third consecutive year at this location.

The local community are amazingly welcoming and provided us access to the local airstrip and terminal facilities. We all enjoyed staying at the Wave Rock Resort, gathering around the BBQ’s, eating at the pub and enjoying a float in the salt pool.

Wave Rock Airport ready to launch

Southern Cross Expedition

Usually held in early December, a large contingent of Beverley members head up to Southern Cross for the area’s excellent cross-country soaring conditions. We are grateful to the local Yilgarn Shire for allowing us to utilize the local airstrip and facilities for our usual 10-day stay.  Southern Cross is located on the easternmost side of the Western Australian wheat belt and provides us with early starts, long soarable days, and a great area of landable paddocks. A number of 1000km flights have be achieved from these trips.

Trailering to SX
Unpacking at SX Airport
On the Grid at SX
No flying today due to storms

Southern Cross High School Visit

While at Southern Cross, we always extend an invitation to the teachers & students from the local high school to visit us at the airstrip.  It’s a great opportunity for them to learn more about gliders, flying, and opportunities for aviation careers. Club members include current and former Qantas pilots and air traffic controllers, so they are well qualified to pass on their experience to all those interested.

SX Students with Peter
SX School TIF Flight
SX Students with TOJ
SX Students with Welshy